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Descriptive Essay

            The Guadalajara is a Mexican restaurant with excellent food and a festive atmosphere. It is also a restaurant with many interesting things.
             On Thursday August14, 2003 my sister and I decided to meet at Guadalajara in Indianola so that we could have lunch together. As I pulled off the highway into the parking lot that was very small I noticed that it was very crowded and there was little parking space. In the front of the white and mint green building was a drawing of a donkey on the wall. On top of the building was the Guadalajara sign and in the window was a Cerveza sign, which means Budweiser. There was a white bench by the door. There is a highway in front of the restaurant, which was very busy.
             As I entered the restaurant the aroma of food met me at the door. To my left was a small checkout counter that had peppermint candy on it. There was also a small bar. On the wall was a black and red Mexican hat. To my right was an artificial orange tree with little oranges on it. There was a little doll boy on the wall, that appeared to be hiding, and a plastic colorful parrot was sitting on a stick. Beside the door was a picture wall of some of the customers. There was also a small dining area that had wood seats with burgundy padding. Some people were having a small party in that area. In front of me was an orange sign, which listed some Mexican drinks such as the Iquana, Vivda Negra, and Tequina Sunrise. While we were waiting to be seated in this area in the front of the restaurant, Jose, the waiter gave us a menu and asked us where we would like to be seated. There were a lot of different things on the menu to choose from such as Guacamole Salad, Chimi Changas, refried beans and Sopapilla. While we were waiting to order the waiter brought out tortillas as appetizers. I decided to try the Taco Salad that consisted of beef, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and sour cream in a tortilla. It was very good.

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