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The Best American Essays of the Century

            The Best American Essays of the Century.
             All of these essays were very carefully written essays. The Paradoxes of Creativity, Intoxicated by Illness, and Shooting "Fire!" were three great essays from the book The Best American Essays of the Century. All of the essays were really descriptive with a lot of meaning. The sentence structure in these essays flowed nicely because all of the sentences were not the same length. A good essay should catch the readers attention and hold his attention the whole time.
             The first essay I read Paradoxes of Creativity gave great discriptions of culture and creation. He moves from one angle to another. This essay makes people think about life and how people evolve into whom they are. This essay also gives credit to William Shakespeare for his writing because he is one of the greatest writers of all time. The word "creativity" was brought up a great amount in this essay because everyone is different and should be themselves.
             In Intoxicated by Illness Suffering of writers is brought up and the author states that when like is threatened there are two chooses, one to run from it or turn toward it. Helping people in times of needs or being there for people is crucial, in the essay the author talks about how he talked a friend out of committing suicide. This essay is saying to fight for everything because the price of life isn't cheap. Everything in life has to be earned. Anyone that reads this essay will have to feel something that this essay is talking about.
             The last essay was Shouting "Fire!" , which means people should not be free to say anything they want if it is not suitable for our society. Larry Flynt is brought up, as he always is because his magazine Hustler is extreme. His magazine is concidered to be extreme and unsuitable. This is misuse of freedom of speech as stated in the essay. This essay says that the author wants censors on all of this.

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