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Descriptive Essay

             There are so many details in pictures, especially the people in pictures. In this picture, Leighanne (left) and Kina (right) are both very unique in appearance. The face and clothing of each girl contributes to their uniqueness. The difference between the two girls is evident in all aspects of their appearance. .
             Kina's face is full of character. Her thick, sienna hair is pulled back into a bun that is secured with a dark blue plaid scrunchie. She has creamy beige skin that glows with happiness. It serves as the perfect palette for her other facial features. The thin brown eyebrows are perfectly arched. They sit just above her big, chestnut brown eyes. A touch of black eyeliner thinly lines her upper lids. The liner causes her glistening eyes to brighten even more. The apples of her cheeks are tinted the slightest shade of pink. She is smiling with her mouth closed. Her pastel pink lips are freshly glossed. The bright smile creates one dimple on her left cheek. Her round face is bright and cheerful.
             Just like her friend, Leighanne's face is beaming with happiness. Her vibrant red hair is up in a ponytail. She has fair skin and a luminous complexion. Unlike Kina, her eyebrows are extremely faint. Her eyes are coloured with swirls of yellow, green, and blue. Mascara tries to darken her pale eyelashes. She has a "perfect" nose. A nose that is perched flawlessly on her face. Her cheekbones glow from her beaming smile. Each cheek is adorned with one little dimple. Her plump pink lips are parted revealing her straight white teeth. She is leaning her right cheek on her friend's cheek. .
             The girls" body language and clothing add another dimension to their personality. Leighanne's pale yellow shirt compliments Kina's aquamarine top. Kina's shirt is very plain. It has a low-scooped neck and short sleeves. Leighanne's shirt is short sleeved as well, but has forest green block lettering on the front that states:.

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