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Descriptive Essay

             I say "hello'' and the voice on the on the other end of the phone asks for Meghan. The voice says she is calling to remind me of my 4:00 PM dental appointment. I sigh and tell her I will be there. With great reluctance, I slowly stand up to find my mom and ask her for a ride.
             I enter the building and walk over to the elevator. I push the up button and wait patiently. The elevator arrives and the doors promptly open. I get in and push the brightly lit button with the number two on it. The doors close and up I go. Once I reach the second floor I get off the elevator and right away, I can smell the mixture of wintergreen- flavored toothpaste and bleach emanating from Dr. Timothy Tam's office. .
             As soon as I open the outer door, the blast of cool air from the air conditioner hits me in the face, making me shiver all over. I walk in and add my name to the list on the sign-in sheet. The gray-haired woman behind the white frosted sliding glass window sees me and lets me know they will be ready for me in a minute. While I wait for the dental assistant, in her crisp white uniform, to call out my name, I look at the fish in the large blue tank in the corner of the room. The sleek fish dart about playing hide and seek with the .
             plastic mermaid at the bottom of the tank, while tiny silver bubbles slip to the top of the tank's surface and break silently. I turn and look to see a photo album sitting on the coffee table. I pick it up, only to see pictures of decaying teeth and gums. I quickly close the book and shudder at the thought, as I roll my tongue over my teeth and thank God they are all there. .
             The dental assistant calls my name so I enter the inner office and sit in the brown leather chair, looking at all the shiny stainless steel equipment. With a click, the uniformed hygienist turns on the overhead light, which momentarily blinds me. "Open wide" she says. I do what I am told.

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