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Uses of Nuclear Fission

            With all of the world's technology today, nuclear fission has been a very beneficial advancement to society but has been used to make deadly weapons and also has horrifying effects. Otto Frisch and other scientists working on the project of nuclear fission would have never expected the how nuclear fission would influence the lives of billions of people. Many people do not realize how much nuclear fission really impacts society wiether it would be in the creation of nuclear weapon or the production of nuclear power.
             Nuclear fission is when the nucleus of an atom is forced to split into smaller part which in returns produces a neutron, a lighter nuclei, and an enormous release of energy. The chain reaction occurs exactly like the first except instead of the nucleus hitting into an atom, it is the neutrons doing the work. As each proceeding step in the chain reaction, there is more and more neutrons being released causing the explosion. Not every element in the periodic table can do this. In most cases, the higher the number of the element, the more likely it is to be radioactive and likely to be an element used for nuclear fission. That occurs because how unstable the atom is because of the number of the neutrons, protons and electrons in the element. Because of the extra components in an atom, it has a more likely tendency to break apart.
             One of the applications of nuclear fission would evidently be used in the creation of the nuclear weapons. The first time that the first nuclear bomb was actually used for a weapon was when the United States dropped the bomb on Japan. A prominent factor of the nuclear bomb in war is that it takes out many people at once but the consequence is the radiation aftermath. On the other hand the use of nuclear warfare could also be looked at as cowardly and inhuman. Killing that many people at once is most likely going to kill many innocent people.

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