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Nuclear Power

             Attention Getter: We live in nuclear age whether we like it or not. More accurately we could say,we live in a nuclear world, whether we understand it or not. The fact is since.
             the splitting of the atom, the debate surrounding nuclear power has been at the.
             very heart of our existence. Given our seemingly insatiable need for cheap and.
             abundant energy, that debate is about to be renewed.
             Topic: Yet most of us have no real idea of what nuclear energy is. We have little idea how it is developed nor do we understand how it is used. We have vague ideas.
             about the bomb and indeed on radiation. In order to take part in that vital debate, we should all know where nuclear energy comes from, how it may help us.
             and what some of the risks involved are.
             Preview: There is no escaping the contribution of nuclear power to our society. Currently.
             the 20% of the US electricity is produced by nuclear reactors. There are more.
             than 400 nuclear power stations throughout the world, producing 17% of its.
             electricity. In the US there are more than 100 operating nuclear plants. France.
             sits alone in supplying 77% of its electricity through nuclear energy. Japan, a.
             country with little natural fossil fuel resources, is working hard to increase.
             its nuclear power capability.
             What is certain is that the debate on further development of nuclear power.
             generation is at the heart of our energy needs for the future. This is.
             especially so given the possibilities of global warming generated by our burning.
             of fossils fuels such as oil, coal and gas. Hydroelectric schemes have a massive.
             cost in terms of the disruption caused by displacement in the environment. Yet.
             how much do you know about nuclear fission, the process that gives us power and.
             The development of nuclear power was once seen as a cheap and near abundant.
             source of energy. However concerns about the safety of nuclear plants and the.
             disposal of radioactive material have been the subject of many high profile.

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