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The Risks of Nuclear Power

            Though nuclear energy helps us live better, it still threatens our lives. In many documentaries, I have seen destructive the nuclear power is. It can destroy a whole city in a second, and nothing survives in that city. Even after many years human beings cannot live in that area. People always say that we need green power, but nuclear power is definitely not green because the nuclear energy can threaten our health, has radiation and waste problem, and cause thermal pollution.
             The risks of the nuclear power are the disaster. Once the nuclear disaster happens, there would be a huge pollution on the land, water, and food. For example, the nuclear disaster, which happened at Fukushima in 2011, it caused lots of problems. Fukushima nuclear plant explosion were chemical explosion, the reaction occurred by the hydrogen and air leakage into the reactor-building explosion. Although the nuclear energy to radiation weaker than a nuclear weapons power and scope, it can cause a certain degree of biological casualties. The people that were influenced by the disaster were over fifteen hundred thousand. People who lived near from Fukushima had to make move to a safe place, and all of them were radiated more or less. Not only human beings were radiated, but also the animals were radiated. As I know, the plant could not grow in the area where were radiated. It caused more problems such as people's health, the problem of political, and the waste of the useless nuclear source. .
             Though nuclear power is great for human beings' lives, it causes a lot of serious problems that threatens our lives. People who live near from a nuclear plant would be easier to get sick than those people who do not. That is because of the nuclear radiation. There would be low-level radiation from the nuclear power plant, even higher with the nuclear waste getting more and more. Intermediate-level waste contains a higher level of radioactivity, which is the item from the cooling system a nuclear power plant.

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