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Current Perceptions of Nuclear Technology

            The meltdown of the fukishima daiichi Nuclear power plant in 2011 sent shockwaves around the world, and cast major doubts on the feasibility of the nuclear energy in our world today. Yet, as our fossil fuel reserves continue to deplete and our carbon can be a potential solution to the energy crisis we are set to face in the next half of the decade. However, as our world changes and new alternate energy is being developed, the risks of relying on nuclear energy and nuclear technology – the world development of nuclear weapons, which would surely threaten security in the world. Therefore, the pursuit of nuclear technology in today's society is far from desirable.
             The pursuit of nuclear technology can be important in meeting our energy needs due to the continuous depletion of our current energy resources, Today, fossil fuel is still the number one source of energy, accounting for most of our energy production which powers our economies and our homes. However, coal and oil are non-renewable resources which take millions of years to be replenished .Moreover, with the ever increasing population in the world today (our population grows at an astonishing rate of 10000 an hour), the demand for energy is large and will only increase in the future. HENCE, nuclear energy can be utilized as an alternative energy source to meet our increasing energy demands. Nuclear energy, m as of now, is untapped energy resource. Its high power efficiency and reliability have led to its desirability. Several countries are already starting to depend more on nuclear energy and less on the burning of fossil fuels. For instance, nuclear energy accounts for a massive of 80% of France's energy production. As fossil fuels continue to be depleted at an exponential rate, countries do have reason to pursue nuclear technology.
             The pursuit of nuclear technology may also be more desirable as it can serve to cut down on our carbon emissions due to the non –polluting nature of nuclear energy.

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