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             Describe the environmental forces that affect the company's ability to serve its customers.
             The microenvironment is closely related to the company, within that company lies the internal environment. This is made up of six components:.
             • Top management.
             • Finance.
             • RSD.
             • Purchasing.
             • Manufacturing.
             • Accounting.
             Each one of these components performs tasks that can affect the company as it tries to best serve the consumer. All of these departments must work together in order to create quality service and while doing, so they must always think of the consumer. For example, the suppliers are very closely linked to the company in which marketing managers must look at closely. Occurrences such as, supply shortages, delays, or supply availability can affect the company" customer value and satisfaction. Suppliers along with marketing in intermediaries are considered marketing channel firms. Intermediaries contribute by helping a company to promote, sell and distribute its products. They include: .
             • Resellers.
             • Physical distribution firms.
             • Marketing services .
             • Agencies.
             • Financial Intermediaries.
             Each one of these intermediaries helps to create quality customer service, without this system consumers could not be served effectively. Resellers seek out customers including wholesalers and retailers, who buy and resell the merchandise. Physical distribution firms provide the company with the ability to stock and move goods from point a job. A company has to be able to balance cost, delivery, speed and safety of the goods. Marketing service agencies perform such task as:.
             • Research, .
             • Advertising .
             • Media .
             • Marketing.
             Each firm helps the company to try to target and promote to the right markets. Financial intermediaries include companies that finance transactions such as banks credit companies, and insurance companies.

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