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Hacktivism - Quagmire of the Information Age

             Hacking is a major issue in today's society. Hackers have been exposed in the media for their disruptive actions toward business and intrusive methods used against common citizens. The normal response would be to consider them a burden that must be abolished, yet in reality, there are multiple forms of hacking to consider before making such judgments. The hacking method discussed throughout this paper is known as hacktivism. Hacktivism is basically hacking a computer system or web site with the purpose of advocating a cause, exposing a perceived injustice, or proving a point. Through hacktivism, individuals and groups find ways to manipulate cyber security in order to make the public aware of their agenda (Erickson, 2008).
             Hacktivists use the internet as their public forum, bringing to light pertinent information about topics that they either support or abhor. The methods used by these types of activists can be considered harmful or helpful to society depending on the format, message, and other various factors that surround the willingness of an activist to prove his or her point.
             Although hacking itself is considered wrong in many ways, and most people look down upon it, it can have positive aspects if used for the common good. One of the most important positive facets is that it can bring to light the weaknesses of a system or application. Another is that it can provide a way to transparently view government actions, organizational secrecy, or other veiled entities. Hacktivism is commonly interpreted by society as the transposition of protest and civil disobedience into cyberspace. The term "hacktivism,"" derived by combining hack and activism, refers to activists using computers, IT systems and networks to debate and sustain a political issue, promote free speech, or support human rights. Cyber activist's use technology, be it authorized or hijacked, to express dissent, and to expose perceived injustices.

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