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Social Psychology - Influential Behaviors

            Social psychology is the study of how people think, feel, and behave. Social psychology looks at an extensive series of social topics, including the behavior in groups; how people lead others, social perception, conformity, aggression, and prejudice. Social psychology deals with the influences of people to act in a way when others are presence, and looks at the behavior and action that lead to those behaviors. The environment can influence my behavior in many ways. My home is an influence. My parents tends to keep my home clean and presentable at all times. My house is spotless when I come from school. This is an influence because when someone enters my dorm room, my room is spotless. I always clean my room and keep it spelling great. My room on campus is like my second home, so I have to manicure it the same way my room is at home. .
             My family is also an influence on my behavior. When I am around my family, we are loving and caring. We always talk about the future and the accomplishment that we already have overcame. My family are the nicest people on this planet. When I am away from them, I am the same. I am a nice gentlemen and I respect people. I show love and I also care for others. My culture is the last that influences my behavior. My beliefs, religions, traditions, expectations, and routines are all influences. I believe that everyone is accountable for their actions. I am a Christian, therefore I have Christian beliefs. I expect people to treat me the same way I have treated them. I have a basic routine that I follow every day.
             Groups can have can have big influence on your behavior which is called conformity. It is also yielding to group pressure. Conformity is a social influence that makes a person's beliefs and behavior change to fit in with a specific group. Different groups have different rules that are abide by the group members. This can be like the behaviors, the languages, how they dress, or even their environment.

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