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Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson

             The book ,Who Moved My Cheese, is basically a short story that shows us a simpler way on how to deal with change. The change that we may come face to face with in our family life and in our work environment. It uses metaphors that may be odd , but can be easily interpreted and applied to ourselves. While it is a small book that can be read in an hour it holds plenty of information. The book starts off when some friends meet up at a school reunion. When one person tells a story to his friends on how to deal with change. There are four fictional characters named Sniff, Scurry, Hem,and Haw. You can somewhat figure out what each character does by their names. Sniff and Scurry ,which are mice,would see the change and then act quickly on it which would be the more logical thing to do. While Hem and Haw ,which are little people,show the more complex side by overthinking everything. The four character are put into a maze and are meant to find the cheese that has been placed . As it is with the names the cheese and maze are both also metaphors. The cheese is a metaphor for whatever you may want in life, whether its money, or a job.While the maze is a metaphor for where you will find what youre looking for. While the book may sound like a childrens book it just makes it easier to apply their situations to your life. No matter what method they may use the one objective is to get cheese. Hem and Haw used what most of us may do. They learned from their past experiences. While the mice raced around from place to place or what we call by trial and error. When they all found the cheese they noticed that the cheese never moved. So they decided to get comfortable believing that every morning when they wake up they would just stroll out their house to where they know the cheese is. It never crossed their minds that one day the cheese may not be their one day. But just as we all know nothing in life is constant or promised.

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