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Who moved my cheese?

             Do you think changes are good or bad? What would you do when changes come along? Let's find out the answer from this story.
             Hem, Haw Sniff and Scurry were in a maze, and they needed to run through it to find their cheese.
             One day, they found cheese station C. There was enough cheese supply for them.
             As time went on, Sniff and Scurry noticed the cheese supply was lessened bit by bit, but Hem and Haw did not realize at all.
             When Hem and Haw went to Cheese Station C one day, they were surprised to find no cheese. Sniff and Scurry had anticipated that already, so they just started the journey to find new cheese. Hem and Haw could not adjust to the great change. Their minds were filled with filled anger and fears.
             A few weeks later, Haw decided to go back into the maze again, but Hem resisted and said he was there waiting for his own cheese.
             Haw went alone. At first he was afraid that behind the doors of the corridors were full of dangers. However, he discovered all he was afraid of were only his imagination. Nothing horrible happened, but the most depressing thing was finding empty rooms.
             Finally he moved beyond his fears and reached Cheese station N. Haw didn't recognize all cheese he saw, as many kinds were new to him.
             I was attracted by the funny title of this book, but soon I discovered that its main point is not "Who moved my cheese", but to move with your Cheese.
             Each person has his own idea on what Cheese really means. It depends on what we want to have in life, whether it is a job, health, relationship or money.
             Changes will happen whether you are afraid, or whether you like it or not. Sometimes, changes occur when you are not prepared. However, they are not completely sudden. We should always be able to realize small changes, so that we will not be shocked when great changes come along.
             The world is changing every moment. What we have to do is not to escape from the changes or to blame anyone, but to adapt to and deal with them.

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