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Who Moved My Cheese

             This book is quick and fun to read, and really perked my interest. Who Moved the Cheese? has four characters including: two people and two mice. The two mice were simple minded, but had extremely good instincts. The miniature humans in the book had the brains and the experience. Their knowledge was tied to emotion. I could so easily recognize myself in each of the characters, during many phases throughout my life. It made me realize that the sooner I accepted a change the easier it was to cope with especially anything that I perceived had a 'down side'. Accepting a change does not always mean it is something we will like but if it going to happen anyway then all the more reason to accept it and see beyond the end of our nose. This has certainly made me more aware of how many changes I have had in my life, how often I rebelled against them only to find that they were never as bad as I had thought. It highlighted the amount of needless fear and stress I had put myself through on each occasion. This book teaches us to keep an eye out for change so it does not catch us unaware. It shows us that if we are prepared then it is often easier to accept and easier to adapt. In this ever changing world, that is not a bad thing. It may be 'too simplistic' and/or 'child like' for some, but it tells a worthwhile story without fussy words and phrases and does not take you weeks to read and longer to digest. .
             The "Cheese" in the book is a metaphor for what people want in life, whether it is jobs, relationships, money, freedom, health, recognition, spiritual peace, or even an activity like jogging or golf. And, "The Maze" is the place where people look for what they want, whether it is within the organizations where they work, or the families or communities they live in. In the story, the characters are faced with an unexpected change. Eventually, one of them deals with it successfully. What this character discovers and writes on the wall of the maze becomes "The Handwriting on the Wall.

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