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Who Moved My Cheese

            In the book Who Moved My Cheese I think I can at some point or another in my life relate to all of the characters. For example Sniff and Scurry. When I first started my Army career and completed AIT I was looking forward to going home to do my hometown recruiting, but I was told that I would first have to do a Fox 5 course, which was 5 weeks long and self paced. Instead of trying to get out of it I went and did my best and completed the course in 10 days. I think if Hem had been faced with that situation then he would have tired his best to not go to the course and come up with a reason why he should go home where he would be in familiar surroundings and comfortable. I think Haw would have eventually gone, after a little thought and contemplation over the matter. But like me I think Sniff and Scurry would have went right along with it and found a way to make the situation work for them and have it better their lives. I can think of another situation in my life where I think that I may have been more like Haw. After I was assigned to Fort Jackson as permanent party I was originally assigned to Victory Brigade where I was going to work in a mailroom. The job description sounded nice, get off at three, no duty, and occasionally work a Saturday (I did not know that most of the Army gets every Saturday off). I had already met most of the people I would be working with and inprocessed with the Brigade when I was told that I wasn't supposed to be there but in another Company all together. At first I like Haw I didn't want to go I liked where I was and what I was going to be doing, But as soon as I got to where I was supposed to be and got to know the people there and my job I liked it. I think the job I got is better than the one I had. I think that at sometime or another we are like all the characters in the book. It just depends on the situation that we are in. I believe we all strive to be like Sniff and Scurry but sometimes we end up being a little like Hem and Haw.

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