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Who Moved My Cheese

             This has been my second time reading this book, and even though I've read this book before, there's always something new to learn. I think everyone has a little bit of all the characters that were portrayed in this book, in them. In reading this book, I've learned a lot about myself, which character I portray, and how to deal with changes or better known as "moving cheese" in life. Growing up I've had to deal with a lot of changes in my life. My parents got divorced when I was eleven or twelve, so I had to adapt or adjust to my dad moving out, and from seeing him everyday to every other weekend. I had to adjust to the new family setting in the beginning I was probably more like Hem in this situation. I was very comfortable in my secure little bubble and I didn't know or didn't want to see that changes were taking place. Like Hem I was afraid of the unknown I didn't know how my family could run without the two-parent support system I was so used to, so like Hem I didn't deal with it. I was very angry about my life being turned upside down without anyone telling me. Even though I didn't like the changes that were happening around me, it wasn't helping me to be in denial about them. This is when I started to portray the character Haw. I knew that in order for me to feel better about what was going on I had to first try to adapt to the changes around me even though I was afraid. When I finally decided to accept that my parents weren't getting back together that didn't mean that my family was over, just different I was able to feel better about the situation and was able to move on. .
             Life is full of unexpected changes, twists and turns, ups and downs. It's how you choose to handle the change that makes the real difference. Some people are afraid of what's different and changes. That's what's holding some people back from experiencing the good changes in life. Sometimes being afraid is good, but being afraid can also keep you from experiencing the good things life has to offer.

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