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Who Moved My Cheese

             Who moved my Cheese? When hearing this title what goes through your mind? You are probably thinking of mice or cooking! Never would you think it might be a book about change and how one might handle it. .
             This is a story of four main characters, two mice and two little people. Each of them has their own distinct personality with certain traits. These traits either hinder them or help them through their maze of life to find their cheese. .
             The book analyzes the characters and their traits and what happens when the cheese is moved. As you read the book you can relate to one of the characters. .
             Which one are you? Sniff, Scurry, Hem or Haw? .
             The four characters, Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw .
             each reacted differently to the moving of the cheese.
             Snuff and Scurry were a team and worked together all the time. Hem and Haw were a team also. They on the other hand worked together when there was no pressure and things were running smoothly. .
             In the first part of the story the four .
             characters go every day thru the maze to Station C to eat the cheese. Things are going smoothly and they are all happy and content. But one day they go to Station C and there is no cheese. Each one now stands alone in what they are going to do to find more cheese. .
             Sniff and Scurry are not surprised when they find no more cheese. They have been noticing that the cheese was dwindling down. So they decided that they have to go out into the maze and find more cheese. So they sniff and scurry around the maze going to blind alleys, end up in empty cheese stations and getting lost but they eventually find their way to Cheese Station N. By working together they found Cheese plenty of cheese to eat !! I think the key here is that working together can help accomplish or meet your goal or goals faster. .
             Hem and Haw on the other hand are taken aback .
             that there is no more cheese. They are not sure what to do.

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