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Case Study - Three Year Old Boy

             Dylan is a 3-year-old boy who during the month of June this year has attended preschool for the first time three days a week for three hours in the morning. I chose this child because this is his first preschool experience and I paid particular attention to him throughout the course of this June preschool session to see how he has changed and developed, especially in the last four weeks. I have known him for about 9 months. Currently, He is in a classroom with nine other children. Six of the children in this room (Dylan included) are verified with a disability and receive special education services, while four are serving as peer models. There are two main teachers in this room, myself as one of them, as well as a para. The room normally serves as a public preschool classroom and has various toys, books, and art and writing materials. We also have our own bathroom located in the room. .
             Dylan is a bit smaller than other children his age. He just turned three in March this year, and is probably a couple inches shorter than average for his age. His weight is slightly less than average as well, but because of his height, it is not noticeable. He has brown hair and brown eyes. During his first week of preschool, Dylan would come to school with large, red bags under his eyes, but over the course of the month, that has gone away. He has no other distinguishing marks. .
             Dylan is the oldest child of two. His little sister, Lyla, is also verified and just turned 2. She does not attend a daycare. Dylan and his sister live with their biological parents, who are in their low 20's, in income-based housing. Their father has not worked since the beginning of the year and their mother recently got a part time job working overnights, so they are able to watch the kids on their own. The Child and Family Services Department of Health and Human Services became involved with this family last year due to alleged issues of neglect (the children being left in their room for prolonged periods of time) by their parents.

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