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Child Abuse

             Violence against children has been manifested in every conceivable way, physically, emotionally, through neglect, be sexual exploitation, and by child labor. The term "child abuse" was originally used to describe physical battering of children or adolescents. The term is now used to cover physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Each year over one million children are victims of abuse or neglect.
             Child sexual abuse is any sexual behavior directed towards a youth under eighteen by a person who has more power over them. This betrayal always involves a betrayal of the child's trust. Sexual abuse that involves physical contact would be fondling on the child's or the offender's genitals, oral sex, or anal or vaginal penetration. A non-physical form of child abuse would be exhibitionism, which is the display of genitals or showing of pornography. Sexual abusers are not necessarily by strangers. It could be done by parents, stepparents, siblings or other relatives, teachers, babysitters, neighbors, peers, or doctors. Studies have shown that more than ninety-four percent of cases, children's reports of sexual abuse have been confirmed by independent investigation. Children are reluctant to discuss what was happened to them.
             Neglect occurs when parents or caretakers do not provide for a child's basic needs- physically, educationally, or emotionally. Physical neglect may involve abandoning of the child. The abusive parent may not take their child to the doctor if they are sick, or may force their child out of the home or refuse to allow a runaway to come home. Some forms of educational neglect include, not enrolling your child in school our denying your child's special education needs such as additional classes to help them overcome their learning disorder. Repeatedly depriving your child of affection qualifies as emotional neglect. Other examples would be abusing your husband or wife in front of the child, or letting you children use drugs and alcohol in your home.

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