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Child Abuse

             Every year child welfare agencies in the United States receive more then three million allegations of child abuse and neglect. Most parents deny these allegations and claim that they were simply disciplining their children. However, there is a thin line between discipline and child abuse, and some parents seem to cross the line very often. The United States government has formed several organizations regarding child abuse. Nevertheless, child abuse is reported, on average, every ten seconds. Child abuse is a plague and should be stopped immediately. In order to reduce the occurrence of child abuse, it is important to know the warning signs, the risk factors, and how to prevent child abuse, as well.
             As a parent, one must quickly identify any warning signs concerning child abuse. In most cases, children will not tell the parent that they are being abused. There for, it is extremely important to recognize the warning signs. Parents must realize that it is not safe to assume that family members, or friends are incapable of abusing a child. By participating in organizations developed to improve child welfare. The parent/guardian will be provided with the adequate information necessary to identify the warning signs of child abuse. Stresses in families usually foreshadow child abuse. If you detect an overwhelming amount of stress on a parent, it would be wise to offer him or her a break. By doing so, you would have provided the parent with the chance to relax, and you would have significantly reduced the chance of the parent unleashing his or her anger on their child. .
             Identifying the risk factors of child abuse is very important. Knowing the risk factors can provide parents with help before abusive behavior begins; knowing the risk factors can also prevent other social problems as well. Child abuse can occur in several families but the risk factors are greater in families where there is a lack of parenting knowledge.

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