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Phenomenological - A Method of Religion

            Religion is in constant "flux" meaning that is ever changing. In the bid to understand the word religion and also resolving the problem in the definition of religion. The definition of religion has proved to be a complexity, since the definition which were usually given were failing to fully give the proper definition of the word considering broadness of the word given there are so many religions. Usually definitions given lacked in fully catering for other religions as well. As a result scholars have come out with the term phenomenology of religion to enable to bring clarity and proper definition. It is therefore, the trust of this essay to evaluate the phenomenological method to the study of religion. Will however, begin by giving definitions of terms.
             Hexham ( 1993:171) Phenomenology is a study to gain insight into inner working of religion through the calculated and temporal abandonment of their own view point and the careful use of comparisons. An attempt to place one-self in the position of the believer, to understand what a belief means to someone who accepts its truth. Livingstone (1977 : 221) Phenomenology is a descriptive science concerned with the discovery and the analysis of essences and essential meanings. Cox (1996 :26) defines phenomenology of religion as a method adapting the procedures of epoche and eidetic intuition to the study of the varied symbolic expressions of that which people appropriately responds to as being unrestricted value to them.
             Goring (1992 ; 434) Religion is a concept which has been used to denote human religiousness as a form of life which may or may not be expressed in a system of beliefs and practise. These usages suffer from a tendency to be evaluative, to presuppose a commitment of some sort, or are so general as to provide little specific guidance. Religion clearly contains, intellectual, ritual, social and ethical elements, bound together by an explicit or implicit belief in the reality of an unseen world, whether this belief be expressed in supernatural or idealistic terms ( Hexham : 186).

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