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The Wonderlic Test

            The psychometric assessment test I evaluated for this project is the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test. This test is a popular intelligence test used to assess the aptitude of prospective employees for learning and problem solving in a range of occupations. A man named Eldon F. Wonderlic originally created the test in 1936 and throughout the years alterations and new versions of the test have been created. The test is actually quite simple; the participant is required to answer 50 multiple-choice questions in just 12 minutes in a written or online format. When the test is complete the score you receive is simply the number of questions you got right. If the 12-minute time limit runs out before completing all 50 questions any question not answered will be considered incorrect. A score of 20 would indicate average intelligence, while a score of 10 suggests literacy. The test has become very popular due to the fact that the NFL uses this test for all incoming rookies prior to the NFL Draft. .
             The test is meant to create a situation where the participants must read a question and process information very quickly in order to have success. It tests participants in there ability to solve problems, learn and understand instructions. Some example questions that are on the Wonderlic Test are:.
             1. Round 907.457 to the nearest tens place.
             A. 908.00.
             B. 910.00.
             C. 907.50.
             D. 900.00.
             E. 907.46.
             2. What is the average of: 12, 15, 23, 10.
             A. 10.
             B. 15.
             C. 16.
             D. 12.
             E. 20.
             As you can see the questions are not to difficult but without using a calculator and under the time constraint they can trip you up. Participants often rush simple questions and misinterpret a question because they know they have such little time, but that is the point of the test. The test givers want to see how well you can pay attention to details and quickly and precisely interpret information and make a proper decision. .
             The rubric I created looks at topics that I feel are essential for having a successful psychometric test.

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