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             A family reunion is considered to be a joyful time of reminiscing and remembering the good times. However in our family nothing is pleasant or joyful about our family reunions. Every summer we have the Posey family reunion and each year it rotates between Alabama, Illinois, Florida, and Kentucky. .
             The year I remember the most was the reunion in Illinois. I was about six years old and extremely excited about traveling so far away from home. We decided to rent a van so we all could ride together. In this minivan was eight people: Uncle Eddie, Aunt Sissy, Mom, Jordan, Granny, Papa, and me. It was a ride that seemed to last forever, so I frequently asked, "Are we there yet?" And my mother would reply simply, "yes, get out right here." Of course I knew we weren"t really there, but being the devious child I was, I would reach for the handle and pretend like I was going to get out. "Loni Marie if you touch that door one more time you will walk to Illinois!" This was the "phrase-of-the-day." .
             We arrived in Illinois safely later that night, all eight of us. She didn"t put me out like she had threatened at least once every twenty minutes. We checked into the hotel and went to sleep immediately. We awoke the next day refreshed and ready to see all of out relatives and get caught up on all of the gossip. As we being to leave of course I have to lose something that had to be found at once. I went to my mother with my big, sad eyes and quietly mumbled, "Mommy. . . I lost my shoe." By this point she was about ready to kill me, but thankfully I have a very kind mother. She answered me with a simple, "I"m not at all surprised." The next half-hour was spent looking for my shoe that had been by the door the entire time. Needless for me to say that she wasn"t very happy.
             Finally we were able to leave. We arrived at the park in just enough time to say the Blessing and eat. Then after we ate me and my sister wanted to go to the swings after we had permission.

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