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Stone Goose Company - Policy Managerial Communication

             Social media is a great way to improve a company in the hotel industry. The ability to expand and grow can only be enhanced with the use of social media. Joining the world on the web can be scary when a company has yet to enter social media. It will require a strong policy to protect the company name, but will be well worth it. Advantages of being involved in social media and having a policy in place for the use of social media will save money, increase revenue, improve guest satisfaction, increase social responsibility, enhance brand, and improve operational efficiencies. .
             One advantage to using social media is that the company does not have to pay for postings when hiring new employees. Posting ads can become very costly if a company does not get a high enough response to the ad Companies want to have a wide variety of candidates to choose from when looking to add their staff. Social media accounts do not come with a cost to set up, and it offers advertising at a low cost. Creating a Facebook page that can be ˜liked' by others can create free advertising. Any employee that likes or links themselves to a company page is sharing to the others that they like or work for this company which is advertising the company. Save time and money for hiring process, because you can get more information on a candidate before interviewing and paying for a background check. If a company can help limit the amount of candidates that they run backgrounds on they will not just save the small amount of money of a background check, but it too can help lower the turnover rate. When a company has a lower turnover rate there is less money used on having to train employees that are being hired to replace ones that just finished being trained.
             "73 percent of Fortune 500 companies were active on Twitter, while more than 80 percent of executives believed social media engagement led to increased sales. " Information spreads like wildfire on the social media web sites, including internationally in a very short time span.

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