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Finance, Banking, Trade and Tax Structure

            International Trade Practice in Republic of Union of Myanmar.
             According to the 2008 constitution, Union of Myanmar has reformed by multiparty democratic political system and also changed her name to Republic of Union of Myanmar. After public election on 2010, union congress was structured for Republic of Union of Myanmar. Besides, union congress composed of national congress and public congress. And then, union government was selected by union congress to executive the public. Anyway, union congress belongs to legislative power to legislate for the union and union government also enforced governmental bodies using executive power to administrative the public. Furthermore, union supreme court belongs to justice power to decide justice or mercy for the public. Therefore, political system was separated with three power for the union congress, union government and supreme court ,respectively.
             Trade Practice in Myanmar .
             Since, Myanmar has changed its economic course from a centrally planned economy into a market oriented system On 2010 according to the 2008 constitution, a series of structural reforms had been introduced and new legal policy instruments given the private sector including foreign investors and businessmen, the right to do business and to make investment in the country were enacted. The Government of Republic of the Union of Myanmar has recognized, in the context of the market-oriented economic system, the private sector as a prime-mover of the market mechanism and pays great attention for its development. All-out efforts are being made to encourage the active participation of private sectors in foreign trade and giving full support in every angle. .
             Trade liberalization measures in Myanmar .
             (1) To be in line with the changing economic system, the private individuals or enterprises are allowed to carry out the export import business which was previously monopolized by the state.

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