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Economic Status of Indonesia

             Indonesia is a sovereign state located in the Southeast portion of Asia and Oceania.
             Indonesia is the largest island country in the world and is made up of over fourteen.
             thousand islands. Indonesia's islands are broken up into 34 provinces, and its capital.
             city is Jakarta.
             1.1 Name of the Country.
             Indonesia is formally known as the Republic of Indonesia. In previous times, it was referred to by the Europeans as the East Indies, and by the country, as Nusanatra.
             1.2 Brief Background of the Country.
             Indonesia, as an archipelago has been shaped by many of the same events of our own .
             country. These are, invaders, shipping lines, traders, and religion.
             Some key events that happened in Indonesia are the Java man living in Indonesia 1.5 million years ago, the Hindu- Buddhist civilizations, the age of Islamic States, the colonial era, the emergence of Indonesia, Sukamo's presidency, the new order and the reformation era. The Hindu- Buddhist civilizations were marked by its early kingdoms, and were heavily influenced by Indian culture, much like the rest of Southeast Asia. The most well-known of these ancient kingdoms are Medang, Srivijaya, Singhasari and Majapahit. The stage after this is the age of Islamic states, this included the spread of Islam, and the rise of the Sultanate of Mataram and the Sultanate of Banten. After this, was the colonial era in which Indonesia was conquered by the Portuguese, to take control of the spices. After being conquered by the Portuguese, Indonesia was captured by the Dutch, the French and the British. After years of being under the thumb of foreign rulers, Indonesia had a national awakening and the first nationalist movement was formed. After the second Dutch rule, Indonesia was occupied by the Japanese. Soon after Japan's Emperor surrendered Indonesia following the Indonesian National Revolution. After the emergence of Indonesia, Sukamo took the presidency and the new order and the reformation era followed.

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