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Biological and Social Motivations for Exercises

            Every person who decides to workout or exercise is motivated to do so for a number of reasons, but I believe I have chosen to engage in the behavior for both biological and social reasons. I am in the habit of working out every morning because it helps to wake me up and stimulates my system, getting me ready for my busy day. My workout routine consists of cardiovascular training combined with a round of lifting light weights to build muscle. To complete this daily habit, I belong to a local gym where I do my workout. No matter what is going on in my life, or how I am feeling, I believe it is important to maintain my workout schedule, as it helps clear my mind and makes me feel healthy. .
             I am definitely not the only person who engages in such behavior, as when I go to the gym, I see the same familiar faces of those who maintain the identical habit as I. There are those, however, such as some friends and family members, who do not truly understand my drive to workout and believe it has become more of an obsession rather than a habit. It is my belief these individuals do not understand the many benefits that physical activity has on the brain and the body, or they just do not have the same level of commitment to maintaining their appearance. I have been engaging in this behaviour for several years and due to its benefits, I do not believe there will ever come a time when I cease to exercise on a daily basis. .
             Biological Approach Regarding Exercise.
             The brain contains a number of structures that exchange information with the body, including neurons and neurotransmitters that send certain chemicals to the body, increasing in levels during physical activity and exercise. There are billions of these neurons in the brain that conduct electrical impulses, process them and then turn them into chemicals or neurotransmitters (Deckers, 2010). The neurotransmitter that is commonly associated with working out is called dopamine.

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