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Eating Disorders

             This paper is designed for you and I to learn more about Eating Disorders. What you are about to learn one day will maybe save your life. Hopefully you will never encounter what is called an Eating Disorder. Eating Disorders mostly consist of, Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Obesity and Compulsive Eating, although Obesity and Compulsive Eating are closely linked.
             Anorexia is "Starvation,"" by starving yourself. People who have Anorexia Nervosa starve themselves to be skinny, not eating a thing. Bulimia Nervosa is, "vomiting what you eat."" People, who suffer from Bulimia, eat foods that are high in calories or fat, then vomit what they eat, often they take diet pills, laxatives or diuretics, to make them keep their weight off. Obesity is said to be a "mental problem, more than an Eating Disorder."" It is a large accumulation of fat in the body. Compulsive Eaters usually eat when emotionally upset or stressed. Compulsive Eaters find an out by eating their way into happiness.
             To find more about Eating Disorders and how to deal with them read this paper and find out for yourself. Just remember if you suffer from an Eating Disorder there is still hope for you and recovery. Although if you want to become a statistic you go right ahead and do so, but your hurting yourself and the ones that love you and care about you the most. Eating Disorders do KILL! As you will soon find out.
             Eating Disorders are not the disease that you want to play around with, they are very dangerous, and can have a harsh effect on you and on your life. Never do you want to get involved with an Eating Disorder unless you want to pay the consequences.
             Eating Disorders are a way of life that can be called "suicide."" You vomit all that you eat and do not stop until it is too late, or you just do not eat. You wish and hope that the person you love will stop before it is too late, but they do not understand the words, "to late.

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