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Eating Disorders

            The most common eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, bulimia.
             These three main disorders have greatly affected.
             the United States of America today. Eating disorders are probably affecting people .
             today due to stress and life styles due to societal changes.
             The first major eating disorder today is anorexia nervosa. This disorder.
             affects 95% more females then males. Those diagnose are females, since they think.
             they have a distorted body figure and fear obesity. The number of people with this.
             disease is gradually increasing.
             The first way of knowing that this disorder is occurring is when there is.
             an increase in weight loss of 25% or greater. Other symptoms are missed periods,.
             skeletal features, dental cavities, an increase in infections, skin starts to turn blotchy.
             or yellow, signs of dry hair loss and signs of depression are noticeable. Typically,.
             people with this disorder will have a low heart rate and low blood pressure as well as,.
             signs of swelling of the body tissues caused by fluid from not eating.
             The definition of anorexia means, "lack of appetite." People die from this.
             disease because their heart becomes extremely weak and their blood flow cannot.
             pump through their body. When the blood level decreases it is called metabolic.
             The treatment is to be put on a strict stable diet to work back to a healthy.
             environment. This takes time since the stomach muscles are still weak and they are not.
             ready to begin functioning. Most people don't receive this type of treatment because.
             their bodies become very weak and the body eventually shuts down. This disease has.
             one of the highest death rates.
             The following tests may be used in determining anorexia nervosa : chem.
             -20, urinalysis and ECG. Chem. -20 is a "battery" of several different chemical tests.
             performed on the serum. Urinalysis is the sampling of urine and ECG, also called.
             electrocardiogram, is a test that records the electrical activity of the heart.

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