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Eating Disorders

            It starts off with skipping one meal, then two and eventually all three. Eating disorders affect millions in the United States; more than 90% being adolescents and young women. One in ten cases can lead to death. Some of these deaths could have been prevented if the person admitted they had a problem. In general, eating disorders are a growing problem in the United States.
             Everything in life has a variety or different type to it. Eating disorders are included in this variety. There are many types that are completely different from one and extremely similar to another.
             There are many different eating disorders. The three main ones are Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Binge eating disorder. There's also Anorexia Athletica, whish is compulsive exercising. Usually, one will exercise beyond a safe limit and may be constantly worried about weight. The psychological affect of this is that the person is rarely satisfied with athletic achievements and pushes to a new challenge as soon as their previous one has been accomplished. (ANRED, http://www.anred.com/defswk.html).
             Some disorders occur at night, such as the Night-Eating syndrome or Nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder. Usually if one has the Night-Eating syndrome; he or she will have little or no appetite for breakfast and many of the calories they need, won't be taken in until late in the day or at night. In the Nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder, one will eat in their sleep. This is believed to be a sleeping disorder more so than an eating disorder. (ANRED).
             The Rumination syndrome is when a person eats, swallows and regurgitates food back into their mouth and then they chew and swallow it again. This can be done several times or for several hours. When a person has Pica, he or she will crave non-food items such as chalk, clay, dirt, paint chips or any other material. (ANRED) .
             Binge eating disorder is similar to bulimia with the exception of purging.

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