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Drugs, Addiction and Ruined Lives

             Drug abuse and addiction is a big problem with lots of effects that many people think will make their life better. The research introduces the problem of addiction in which it discusses the social, economic, Psychic life, and physical health problems like it can make a person bankrupt, have complications in relationships act violently and have chronicle health problems that affect his life, the different methods of introducing drugs into the body like ingestion and inhalation, types of drugs, their reputation (how often are their used) and their effects like stimulants such as cocaine and sedatives such as sedative-hypnotic drugs, how can families warn and prevent their children from drug abuse and addiction like good parenting and good communication with your children at the proper time and .
             Now a days drugs are found everywhere and everyone is using them. People are attracted and pulled by the euphoria and escape that drugs seems to offer. It is important to know about the dangerous effects of drugs so you do not step into the drug abuse world and drag the people around you with you where it is difficult to escape and get out of it. There are plenty of problems that drug abuse causes. They can make a person bankrupt or have chronicle dangerous health problems, have family problems and psychological problems, drugs also cause economic problems for many countries because they are very expensive, and many other problems that are mentioned in my research. There are lots of different ways to introduce drugs to the body such as ingestion and inhalation. There are plenty types of drugs but the main ones are stimulants and sedatives and you can read in depth about types of drugs in the section about types of drugs that is included in my research. There are lots of beneficial ways that a family can help there drug addict member such as learning about what is drug abuse and its dangerous effects or not rescuing the drug addict and let him/her experience the full experience.

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