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The American Policy Of Containment

            The American Policy Of Containment .
             The American Policy of Containment created and executed by United States after the WWII it was a key purpose in the Truman Doctrine of 1947. The Soviet Union wanted a world the way they wanted it to be without caring for anyone. The US always saw Communism in the Soviet Union because they were a slave state that control the private life and thoughts of its citizens even thought they claimed to provided economic and social rights. For many years they violated democracy rights and civil liberties of its citizens. United States knew it was time to do something about it, they could not let this spread to the US and other nations that have not yet moved politically towards Soviet Union Communist. The Policy of Containment is created so communism would be allowed to remain where it had taken root but would be allowed to go no further and the US would not allow nations to become communist. .
             For many years the US would try to stop the communism either by creating strategic alliances with those small and weak countries or supporting them economically to resist Soviet Union. At The end of World War II brought the redrawing of boundaries all over the world. The US had to use a bunch of different methods to achieve Containment, not only just by the use of the military but by any means like economically and diplomatic strategies. The containment policy was definitely quite successful in the initial stages by probating founding, weapon and supplies to those governments who were fighting against the communist threat.
             The Marshall Plan, or European Recovery Program was announced and created in 1949, its purpose was to rebuilt European countries by creating a stronger foundation for the allied counties of Europe. United States even offered money to communist countries in Europe, including the Soviet Union. By rebuild Europe after World War II to prevent the USSR from taking over any more of the European countries.

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