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Containment in the Modern World

             The word containment can mean many things. When applied to the aspects of foreign policy, it is defined by dictionary.com as "a policy of checking the expansion or influence of a hostile power or ideology, as by the creation of strategic alliances or support of client states in areas of conflict or unrest." This was the type of foreign policy used by the United States against the Soviet Union from the end of World War Two in 1945 until the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989. This policy involved the United States in almost every international conflict that occurred during this period. A "Cold War" had broken out. The scope and range of this cannot be underestimated.
             Every civilized country in the world was affected in some way. The United States struggled to contain the Soviet Union, while the Soviet Union reciprocated on the United States. Both countries had enormous power and threatened to unleash it at any moment. Thankfully neither country unleashed much as the United States was able to outspend the Soviets causing their government to collapse. The United States then emerged as the world's only superpower and began facing down entirely different threats.
             These new threats were posed by rouge nations. During the Cold War, both the United States and the Soviet Union had armed such nations in order to gain influence and control over them. This would strengthen their hand against one another. Now without a world divided into two large camps, these rouge nations were eager to slip out from the shadows of the superpowers. This presented obvious problems for the world's last superpower as it struggled to retain influence and dominance over the world.
             Iraq was the leader of the pack so to speak. Their invasion of Kuwait announced themselves as out from the shadows and onto the world stage. The world quickly acted to reverse Iraq's actions with the outbreak of Gulf War I, but this brought up many questions.

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