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The Suez Crisis and the Imperial and Cold War Crisis

            The Suez Crisis of 1956 demonstrates the inextricable link between the vehemence of Cold War politics and the decline of the once invincible imperial powers. The consequences of the crisis acted to ensure the decline of Anglo-French dominance in both Egypt and throughout the Middle East. This not only reduced the power of, particularly, Britain internationally, but it saw a surge in the popularity and the belief in the ability of nationalist leaders, in particular Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser. The crisis also highlighted the Cold War climate engulfing the globe. A struggle for both Arab and geographical influence saw American president Dwight Eisenhower and Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev fight for an Egyptian alliance, wielding weapons of promissory fiscal rewards, diplomatic influence, and arms. The Suez crisis undoubtedly resulted in a pivotal shift in global politics. .
             The dire consequences for France, and Britain domestically and internationally illustrate how the Suez crisis saw the end of dominant British imperialism in the Middle East and beyond. The British reaction to the nationalization of the "jugular vein of the empire," (The Cabinet papers n.d) consequentially resulted in the "resignation of a Prime Minister and Britain's humiliation before a watching world," (The Day Britain lost it's power 2006). This was largely due to America's disapproval of the invasion that resulted in Britain's greatest ally threatening to cut all aid that would have been detrimental to the war-torn states economy. The American fear of losing Arab support and influence in the Cold War climate overpowered the Western alliance. Additionally, Eisenhower believed that the invasion illustrated Israel to be a product of western imperialism; a picture that would have inclined Arab states to further favour the Soviets. America was not the only one to condemn Britain on the international stage.

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