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            Through out history, colonialism has been around in one form or another. From the time of the early civilizations to the present, colonialism has existed. As given in lecture, colonialism is a geographic expansion of the world economy, bringing local places into it. In a sense this definition is too broad and needs to be adjusted to include the spread of cultures and ideas. With this addition a more rounded understanding can come from the definition.
             During and after World War I (1914-1918), resistance movements increased around the world. Many colonial people could try all they wanted, but "civilization" was impossible to achieve or meant they would loss their cultural traditions. But World War II (1931-1945) sped up the de-colonization process by weakening many European powers and Japan. The Cold War and the Suez Crisis (1956) seemed to mark the end of (imperial) colonialism. .
             Post-colonialism brought about cultural hybridity. This is a key factor in globalization. In 1870 Algeria became an organized part of France. Over the next ten years, France would send thousands of settlers to Algeria and displaced Algerians with high taxes, forced labor, and land seizures. A minority of French colons, who were protected under French law, dominated the native Algerians. An Algerian war led by the National Liberation Front (FLN) from 1954 to 1962. A large role in this war was Islam, in addition to wanting the end of French over barring powers. In 1959, President de Gaulle made a response to the war in Algeria.
             Through the institution of equal voting rights, the single college and the emergence of a majority of Moslem representatives the Algerians will let it be the fate they want themselves, to the exclusion of any other, and that all of them will take part in this vote: what then could be the meaning of rebellion? (Gaulle, 515). .
             Many colons wanted to separate from France rather than allow native Muslim population to be their equals as part of France.

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