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Political Typology and Socialization

            In a country heated by the debate of just who should be elected as our president or our government officials, tension rises among parties giving us a look into the way different parties work and how they align themselves according to different political issues. From the time we are very young we are first introduced into political ideas by the people who care for us, leading us on a journey of figuring out exactly where we lie on the line between Democrat and Republican. After taking the Pew Typology Quiz my personal typology happened to be Libertarian. Libertarians believe in balancing their conservative views with liberal ideas in social matters. They believe that each person should be responsible for their own body and what they choose to do with it as long as it is not violating others rights in the process. Libertarians believe abortion and gay marriage should be allowed while they also believe cuts in government spending would be a great motion to put forward to reduce the deficit in our country. What exactly is political socialization and how does it affect us personally to eventually steer us into one typology or another? .
             Researchers at the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press have designed a system by which an individual's typology can be determined using a quiz, depending on their personal choices their typology can be pin pointed. When I received my results from the Pew Typology Quiz I found them to be very true to my personal political opinions and ideas on society. 9% of the public consider themselves Libertarian with two thirds of its members being males. They side more with Republican views but the majority of Libertarians consider themselves Independent. Education plays an important role in this typology where 71% have attended college but are half as likely to attend church on a weekly basis. 56% of Libertarians say they use social networking sites and 80% believe that as long as people work hard they can get ahead in life.

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