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Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

            KC-135, DC-3, the Ellen Austin, the Cyclops, and the Rihihukumaru, do you know what they are? They are all names of flights and ships that disappeared in the specific place that is the Bermuda Triangle. There are so many mysterious phenomena in the world and the Bermuda Triangle, and well known as "the Devil's triangle", and is one of them. This is a place that devours ships and planes. The triangle's three vertices are in Miami, San Juan, and in the mid-Atlantic island of Bermuda. It's called 'the Caribbean coast'; the place often has tempests and hurricanes. There are many accidents that made ships sink or planes crashed sudden bursts of wind. Since Columbus was discovered the New World in 1492, it has been a notorious coast because there were records that plenty of things were mysteriously vanished. These days, although the cause is found, in this book we shall deal with accidents and mystery of this coast, rumors and truths surrounded the cause.
             The author Gaddis published an article, The deadly in the Bermuda Triangle, for "AGOSY" in 1964. The article dealt with accidents in the area and coined the name in the Bermuda Triangle used by people around the world. More than a thousand people, with planes and ships are known to have disappeared there in the causes unknown. One of the most mysterious is the disappearance of U.S. Navy planes. After World War II, on December 5, 1945, five U.S. Navy bombers mysteriously vanished during a training mission. Planes flew as scheduled, but they veered off course and disappeared. Rescue teams were dispatched to search. Each rescue plane carried 13 crew members and headed to the area of last communication. Within 1hour, the rescue planes and ships also disappeared. Later had 300 planes and ships were mobilized to search, but no fragment of planes or corpses were found, trace of oil. On December, 27, 1948, a DC-3 was headed to Miami disappeared, and on August, 28, 1963, two KC-135s crashed near Miami, all for unknown reason.

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