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Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

            The Bermuda Triangle is a triangular location in the Atlantic Ocean formed by three points at Puerto Rico, Bermuda, and Florida, this triangle is surrounded in mystery from planes and ships disappearing to them being placed in a time warp, it is shrouded in a paranormal cloud that may already be scientifically explained. While many people are skeptical of the Bermuda triangle many who have had experiences say things such as "It has become a permanent part of my memory, since I have been memorizing it for over 30 years." (Bermuda-triangle) Many times the experiences that have plenty of logical explanations come across as paranormal to the victim since during the event they cannot form a clear thought about what had just occurred to them. Many top scientist and dive exploration teams have gone out into the Bermuda Triangle also known as the Devils Triangle to do a scientific test and take samples which have helped them explain many of the mysteries surrounding the triangle. While much of the proof if there to show that the Devils Triangle can be disproved by many scientific explanations the myths surrounding it will never go away. However, much mystery is still left about the triangle such as, the paranormal experiences that cannot be disproved, and the eye witness testimonies but with the mystery comes the truth the scientific test that were conducted there is proof that natural occurrences could cause much of what happens in the triangle. .
             The mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle go back as far as Christopher Columbus when he was sailing to the Americas. " Interest in the region began after a group of military planes carrying 14 men inexplicably vanished somewhere off the coast of southern Florida in December 1945. Before losing radio contact, its claimed the flight leader was heard saying: "We are entering white water, nothing seems right" Almost immediately afterwards, a further 13 crew-members – dispatched as a flying search party – themselves vanished.

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