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The Mediterranean Diet

             The article I chose is about Mediterranean diet and its relationship with lower coronary disease. I chose this article for many reasons: first and foremost, I am a dietetic technician major, so I am heavily invested in studies and articles related to nutrition and diet and its relationship to health. In addition, I am a person with relatives who are originally from the Mediterranean region and therefore have become very familiarized and accustomed to eating Mediterranean foods. That being the case, I am very curious into the literature and research which supports the premise which confirms the Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest diets. .
             In the article, research is cited to support the relationship between the Mediterranean diet and lower incidence of disease, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and overall mortality. Research within the article indicates that abiding to a Mediterranean diet reduces incidence of cardiovascular disease. Further research demonstrates shows that there is an association between consuming a Mediterranean diet and reduced risk of diabetes. One study within the article linked consumption of a Mediterranean diet to overall mortality in person of European background while another study demonstrated this relationship in non-European populations. The Lyon Diet heart Study examined the effect of the Mediterranean diet in survivors of first myocardial infraction and the results showed a significant reduction in major coronary events. The results the Lyon Diet Heart Study was obtained over a five year period. .
             The authors of article discuss the lack of research designed toward examining the effects of the Mediterranean diet on the Northern European population. They specifically point out the Lyon Study and how it did not examine Mediterranean diet and its effects on Northern European. They further raise the question on whether the Mediterranean diet could be adapted and maintained by Northern Europeans and also the effects of the Mediterranean diet on Northern Europeans because of their baseline dietary habits.

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