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Roman Life

             Early Roman life was filthy and short according to some historians. The city was mostly overcrowded and a very dirty. People liter the streets, and they had to employ people to clean up all the feces that were put in the streets by the Romans. Life was greatly shortened because of the way that they lived. The first two centuries of Roman life centered on life expectancy, disease, family, and Christianity.
             The life expectancy was said to be for males age 23, and females age 25. Life expectancy at birth was probably lower than 15 for girls and 5 for boys. Death rate resulted from the different diseases that presented themselves because of their uncleanliness. They had poor medical care, but death was more likely to be from poor nutrition because they were not paid enough money to eat a balanced diet. Death also occurred because of accidents and the violence was horrendous. Military deaths seem to be lower than the death rate of accidents. .
             Diseases spread through Rome due to their sanitation practices. Feces were dumped in the Tigris River, which was where they received their water supply. Scholars believed that the trading that the Roman's had with China's Han Empire and Kushana's Empire somehow resulted to smallpox and other plagues that were introduced during this time. They believed that trading through the Mediterranean by contacts with Asia is where some of the plagues originated. Due to the plague of smallpox they were losing nearly 2000 people a day. Since the death toll was so high women had to have more children to bring growth to Rome. The population grew partly as a result of the fertility and mortality rate. People migrated through the Mediterranean. Some of the immigrants were slaves, slave traders, and military. Most of the migrants went on to the Western Empire than the East. Soon the Western Empire was compared to the Eastern Empire in population.
             They birthed five to six children.

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