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Roman Empire

            The Roman Empire was one of the most successful empire of its time and lasted from about 500 B. Many things the Romans did attributed to the success and longevity of the Roman Empire. The Romans had a new way of governing its citizens and had an extremely strong military. They had many new innovations that made easier to govern, and encouraged recreation. One of the most important reasons for Roman success was, Romans wanted to achieve something called Pax Romana or Roman Peace through out their empire. .
             The Roman government was the total opposite of the Greek government. Rome needed more people to live in Rome, and to be in the military so instead of denying the rights of citizenship to outsiders, like the Greeks did, the Romans shared citizenship with its surrounding alliances. By doing this Rome build up much of its manpower and slowly started to grow and expand in Italy. Because these people were citizens they could enjoy all the benefits of being Roman, with the exception of voting and holding office, had to pay taxes and could be called for military duties. Giving citizenship to foreigners helped strengthen Rome by giving it more manpower, more money to build and expand, and more citizens. (McKay, 140).
             Another reason Roman was so successful was because of the way they ran their government, sometimes referred to as "the Roman senate and the people". They divided the government into two groups, the aristocracy, or wealthy landowners, and the common people, the merchant, artisans, and landless urban dwellers. Whether they were rich or poor, this type of government helped give and equal opportunity for every one to have a say in the government. They did this so that the common people, even though they really didn't have a say in what was law, they were still able to vote on the officials. The government also consisted of the senate and the consul. The senate was mostly made up of the aristocracy; the people serving on the consul were voted by the people annually.

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