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Christianity in the Roman World

            Throughout the history of humanity, great civilizations influenced the modern society positively and negatively and among the influential ideas of the ancient civilizations, perhaps, Christianity which rose and inspired the Roman world was the most influential to the western society. But before all the success and greatness that Christianity achieved, we must acknowledge how Christianity started and know the foundations of Christianity. Moreover, why was the idea of Christianity has a large impact on both early Christians and western society? The most convincing answer why Christianity rose and inspired the western world is that Paul and the early Christians got a sense of love, peace and hope –a hope that they can hold on to while under the uncivilized treatment of the Roman government toward Christians. .
             The dawn of Christianity in the Roman Empire was not revolutionary but rather it served as a way to help early Christians. Early Christians were drawn to religion because they needed to help people. "Christianity admitted all-comers" (Nat Geo). This means that Christians helped men, women, poor, rich, outcasts, free people and even slaves. In other words, Christians helped anyone who wanted to worship the Lord without asking anything in return. .
             Also, Christianity was not a threat to the Roman Empire so it was not revolutionary: "Roman religion was the most tolerant religion that I can name" (Dr. Karen Hersch; Temple University). As Dr. Hersch was saying, Christianity wasn't a threat to the Roman Empire because the Roman Empire tolerated monotheism. Roman Empire was okay with people who believed in one god as long as they don't seemed threatening to the Roman Empire. To early Christians, idea of Christianity served as a mission but not an act of revolution towards the Roman Empire.
             As Christianity continued to spread, early Christians continued to inspire fellow Christians as well.

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