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Acts of Rebellion and Disobedience

             Rebellion as an act of disobedience and its evaluation are the focus of area in this research paper. The factors that lead to rebellion including discrimination, social class, ethics and free will are thoroughly worked upon to investigate whether rebellion is a justified act of subversive behavior or not. The paper is an analytical assessment of the novel, The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy to substantiate the research further. It was found that the oppressed population explicit rebellious behavior more but are unfortunately dealt with negative consequences that deters the act of rebellion to be acted upon in attempts to bring about a change in the community in areas of discrimination and injustice. It is, however, significant to establish that this paper discusses rebellion in light of inequity only and does not attempt to cause any harm to social integrity. .
             Rebellion is an act of refusal or disobedience to an authority. It is a dilemma to whether consider it as an effort provoking negativity and uprising, however, what stands is a fact is that history has provided us with numerous examples of how revolt has contributed in bringing about a change or perhaps a withstanding model for the humanity and society to follow. From the enlightenment period that lead to the French revolution to the uproar of Nelson Mandela's efforts to protect his race till the very recent protests in Egypt against Mohammed Morsi, rebellion has produced itself to be an inevitable quality in humans evoking as a result of resistance or injustice. It is debatable however, to consider rebellion as innate or a trait externally possessed. What is interesting to note is that a child naturally rebels when he is confronted in performing any task. .
             Whether innate or environmental, it is a common characteristic human acquire. Despite being a mutual asset, why is it termed as such a negative form of expression? The reason behind this reluctance to accept it is the consequences it brings about in a society.

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