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College Fraternities and Failing Academics

            College fraternities have always struck me as being an organization of guys who spend their time drinking beer and having their "social gatherings". I have always been interested in topic of fraternities ever since my cousin joined one at Penn State University. Curious about the different aspects required to get in the fraternities and also what was needed to stay in. In the article "The Dark Power of Fraternities" by Caitlin Flanagan published by The Atlantic gave me a better understanding on how fraternities have changed and what they have become. (THESIS).
             "The Dark Powers of Fraternities" is a yearlong investigation into the power of fraternities and the tragedies derived from Wesleyan University and Beta Theta Pi. When Greek life first began it was all about strict discipline and creating a perfect image for your community and competing with the other fraternities for the ultimate power from the community talking about the good you do. The article describes fraternity organizations' thoroughly, the roles in the transformation from the education and connection from factors of the past years into outrageous party scenes of current day and the complex of power, fundraising, and tragedy that have allowed the fraternity communications to survive among even the most rigorous Universities. .
             In the article Caitlin Flanagan uses the rhetorical critique pathos, appeals to the sympathies, values, belief and emotions of the audience. In the article when she speaks about the fraternity brother that passes due to falling off a balcony from being heavily intoxicated. Another incident when a young freshman girl is raped outside of the frat house by one of the brothers. When Caitlin was writing the article she made sure her angle of vision was bringing out all of the down falls of the fraternities. Angle of vision is the details and facts the author add into the article to persuade the reader into the topic.

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