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My freshman experience

             So far my time at JU has been a complete learning experience for me. Some of the experiences that I have had here so far, I had in high school so I really didn't get anything new from it. The biggest experience that I have had is my educational freedom, no teachers screaming at you to be in class. I learned that were big men and women now, were not going to be treated like babies anymore. I also learned that your parents are no longer responsible for your actions, if you really screw up one night it's consequences are all on you and nobody else. Unfortunately I had to find that out the hard way.
             All together my expectations of college have for the most part been met. I mean most incoming freshman guys come to college expecting partying, lots of drinking, and the curfew less nights with sorority girls. So those expectations were easily met multiple times and it took me until now to truly understand that no college student can succeed in college coming with just those expectations. So by coming to JU I have learned to expect more from myself then anything else.
             Since experiencing college for almost a half a semester now, I can honestly say at times I really miss high school. I really miss the demand for me to be in class everyday or else I end up failing for the year. In college, professors could careless if your in class or not. If you come it's great but if you don't it's like it's not my life. The complete control over my academic future has really put a lot of pressure on me, I never before could say forget class today and lets go to the beach. That experience has not been a very pleasant one but as the semester progresses the more and more I wish for the next day of class to begin.
             While being at college I have experienced the responsibility issue a lot. I realized that all of the stupid things that I do fall back on nobody but me, no longer are mommy and daddy there to get me out of trouble.

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