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Terrorism and International Politics

            Terrorism is presently a major factor in international relations and has impacted the world to change in many significant ways. Terrorism is a political ideology that has been problematic in defining definitely because of its various interpretations around the world, as well as the fact that it is constantly evolving. Since the terrorist events of 9/11, the lives of many have been changed forever. A small group of individuals, which are a mere fraction of the population of the world, have managed to impact and shape the way international and domestic relations are looked at and handled. People question how secure and safe they feel due to uncertainty of public safety because of events such as 9/11. The war on terrorism in the 21st century has certainly and inevitably changed the landscape for global politics. However, the relationship between terrorism and global politics is troublesome and in ways problematic to describe accurately. Both terrorism and global politics individually are complicated phenomenon. It is erroneous to propose that one is responsible for the other or vice versa, but they are inextricably and inevitably linked. In the study of international relations, there are multiple theories and theoretical perspectives. In this essay, realism and liberalism will be analyzed on their perspective and ideologies on terrorism and how it connects to global politics. .
             International relations is a term quite simply defined as relations between states. It attempts to illustrate the interactions of nation states on the global scale, the behaviours that occur among states, the bigger picture of which those behaviors are a result and part of, and the institutions that commend and overlook those interactions. The term international relations is much less complicated to define than terrorism. Machiavelli wrote, "Men love at their own free will, but fear at the will of others", and from this came to the conclusion that any and all governments would be wise to use that to their advantage, and make their people fear them.

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