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America and the War on Terrorism

            The incident on 11 September 2001, which is well known as 9/11 tragedy, has dramatically changed the international security constellation. Some scholars believe that the threat to national security could occur at any time, in any form, and the actors itself are difficult to predict. The collapse of the World Trade Centre (WTC) in New York America, which were executed by the group of terrorists, was seen by many scholars as a defining moment that ended the post-cold war era. Indeed, the September 11 tragedy brought fundamental implications to the international political arena. .
             For the United States, the incident was a "serious attack" to the supremacy of the superpower, which demands response in the form of a "war against terrorism". The pattern of inter-state relations also began to change by the increase of tension, suspicion and vigilance among the states which is portrayed in the multilateral interaction. The WTC tragedy, therefore, alters the international perception on terrorism as a global threat and then the US response against terrorism is regarded as the establishment of a new world political order. The phenomenon that has twisted after the September 11 attacks and the effectiveness of terrorism in changing the international order are the background of this writing. In particular, this piece of writing will point out some evidences on the US scenario regarding the effect of September 11 attacks for the international order.
             The 9/11 tragedy has become a significant factor for strengthening the US hegemony, which is manifested in the form of the US role and its presence in the global political arena. It officially shapes the image that the United Stated as the only superpower nation, promoting regional security settings and running an unlimited engagement in international issues such as dominating the military and non-military agenda, particularly in terms of democracy, economy, human rights, environment, and managing the cross-border threat (transnational threats).

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