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War In Iraq - Americas Justification

            War In Iraq - Americas Justification.
             My issue is (was) the war on Iraq and how America could be justified in committing war with Iraq. The Geneva Convention states that this war is illegal and that America has/had no justification for committing war with Iraq. There is however one big fundamental flaw with the Geneva Convention, and that is that it has no guidelines/laws about terrorism and how to properly deal with it as it was created when terrorism was virtually never even heard of. The UN decided to send in weapons inspectors and this was only a way of being passive and not being pro-active. History should have taught us that we cannot sit around (like the League of Nations did before WWII) and let another dictator like Hitler take the world for ransom. America has had a way to deal with Iraq and that is to contain the problem by setting up trade embargos and restricted air zones. Now they are taking action like in the Gulf War but with the purpose of destroying terrorism for good not liberating Kuwait.
             You may be asking how can America justify the deaths of innocent civilians and maybe the possible future threat of terrorist acts against themselves. If not only to get vicious dictator out of power, who has committed so many heinous crimes (torturing the children of parents who are believed to oppose the regime by smashing their teeth in, breaking their bones etc ) to his, own people, but to stabilise the whole of the Middle East. Why would we want to stabilise the Middle East? Well in 1967 three Arab nations (Egypt, Jordan and Syria) banded together under one man named Gamal Abdel-Nasser who started a war against Israel. For unknown reasons Israel defeated all three Arab nations. Now this isn't a history lesson on the Middle East but it does give you some indication of what can happen when a Nationalist Arab leader such as Gamal Abdel-Nasser can do, just like Saddam Hussein may try and perform in the future of left in power.

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