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The Theories of Karl Marx

            Karl Marx is one of the founders of sociology. He contrast to Comte's positivism and Durkheim's labour. For Emile Durkheim for instance,division of labour is important to understand organic society,but for Marx conflict and struggle were more important than unity.We were not try to find a way to have a reform,so at that time,Marx started politics and theories. Marx witnessed the growth of factories and industrial revolution,as well as the inequalities that resulted. The European labour movement and socialist ideas were reflected in his writings.For him ,the most important changes were related to development of capitalism.Entrepreneurs are the first face of capitalist class.Marx identified two main elements. The first is capital-any assest including money,machines which can be used or invested to make future asserts. The second element is wage-labour. Wage labour is the socio economic relationship between a worker and employer, where the worker sells their labour under a formal employment contract. As industrialization spread,large numbers of peasants who used to support themselves by working the land moved to the expanding cities and helped to urban based industrial working class,which also referred proletariat.Marx predicted that inequalities of capitalism would become so extreme that workers would eventually revolt,which leads to the collapse of capitalism and this would be replaced by communism.Marx believed that communism is more equitable system than capitalism.There would be no classes,no divisions between the rich and poor. Communist Manifesto is one of the notable books of Marx which is about history of class struggles.
             Historical Materialism is another important issue for Karl Marx. Historical materialism is not the way that human beings gain money and have more material comfort neither the material desires to gain satisfaction.  It is the way that human beings produce that determines their thinking and desires.

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