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The Dogs of Communication

            This paper starts evaluating the most basic concepts of communication, from nonverbal communication to more complex terms. It is the context of teams that will best allow me to evaluate the movie due to the encounters of big groups of people that are portrayed in the film. Through out this paper, I will identify and evaluate different concepts of communication giving examples from the movie Reservoir Dogs by Quentin Tarantino.
             Reservoir Dogs, is a film about a group of 6 professional thieves who are brought together to rob a jewelry store. In order to insure no one get to know their peers that well, the leader names them by color. Its a heist film, but the heist has gone wrong. During the robbery, we find out that one of the thieves, Mr. Orange, is an undercover police officer. The whole film is spent setting it up and then trying to figure out where it went wrong, and who is to blame. Waiting in the safe house after job, rounds of accusations occur and it is not so clear whether the criminals will get to themselves before the cops do. At the end, it is Mr. Pink who takes the diamonds and flees. At the end, Mr. Orange reveals his identity to Mr. White and we end up looking at Mr. White pointing a gun towards wounded Mr. Oranges head and the cops that are about to open fire. Gunshots are fired as the screen zoom out and turns black.
             First Concept.
             The first concept I will analyze, are the different types of Non-Verbal Behaviors that are used during the film. The interaction between people is not only by verbal communication, our body language also delivers a message to people; sometimes it may even stronger than what it would be with words. There are different types of Nonverbal behaviors, for example Haptics, the involvement of touch or Olfatics, the smell. I will focus on Chronemics, the perception and use of time. In the film, this particular type of Nonverbal communication takes place since the robbery occurred.

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